Boosting Sales Means More than Selling

When focusing on how to boost insurance sales, most agency owners look to agents as the key. “New customers and upsells are the answer,” they think. But, it’s just as (if not more) important to provide great service to customers to bring sales up. Keeping customers happy makes them more likely to stay and increase their business with your agency. Plus, they’ll spread the good word, boosting your reputation and bringing in referrals.

This is where your CSRs come in. They’re the first person customers encounter when they contact your agency. The speed, accuracy, and care with which they deliver service paints how a customer or prospect views your agency. That’s why it’s vital to educate CSRs on how to provide fast, quality service to represent your agency well. Check out these three essential ways CSRs should be using your #management #system to best represent your agency.

Three Ways Your CSRs Should Be Using Your Management System

  1. Maximizing system usage

No matter how great the CSR, it’s difficult for them to maximize your management system if they don’t know what it does. Elements like customizable naming conventions and personalized workflows can help users do more, faster, but they have to know how to use them first. To help them maximize system usage, make sure your staff gets well-trained on your system and has access to the training resources provided.

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  1. Understanding where to find information

Just as it’s important to know how to use the tools in your system, your CSRs should know where to store and find certain information. Set up and document standards for storing data in your management system. These standards will help your CSRs find precisely what they need when they need it, helping them serve customer faster.

  1. Recording action items

It’s inevitable a customer issue will take multiple steps to resolve. Your agency management system is a great tool for recording and reminding about these essential action items. CSRs should leave notes on each conversation, add in tasks, and set reminders to ensure they happen. This practice will improve follow-through and provide a good picture of how to resolve common issues.

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Finding a Management System that Works for You

When you have an agency management system that works for your agency and your employees, there are powerful trickle-down effects. The easier a system is to use and understand, the easier it is for employees to use it to solve customer issues. They’ll be less stressed and more pleasant when things are working smoothly and will pass on that good feeling to customers. The opposite is also true: a confusing, bulky system will breed frustration that customers will feel when interacting with customers.

At SIS, we’re focused on making sure our partner agencies each have the management system they need. That means personalizing our service and crafting each agency’s Partner XE system to have only the tools they want and none of the bulk they don’t. Find out more about our commitment to service: contact us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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