Do you know what your customers want?

It may not be what it’s always been – and it may surprise you how preferences have changed. Advancements in insurance tech and changes in purchasing patterns mean your current and prospective customers may be looking for something more. Though you’ll have variation among different generations, there are commonalities within what your customers are looking for to get excellent service.

What Customers Expect from Your Agency

There are a few stand-outs in terms of customer expectations. Some of those top areas are:

  • Personalized content. A recent EIS Customer Compass research study discovered 20% of customers said a “lack of personalization” was the “main reason” they switched insurance providers. Customers are looking for messaging and coverage that speaks to their specific needs. In fact, agencies that increased personalization had an over 80% customer retention rate.

  • Better, faster communication and claims processing. A DXC survey found 42% of respondents thought their insurer needed to improve their claims processing technology. 70% of those surveyed said they wanted to be able to text their insurance agency securely. Customers simply expect more from all areas of service.

  • In-depth knowledge. Along with advanced technology, customers want expert advice. Accenture found almost 50% of insurance customers trust a human over an automated advisor or chatbot. And 75% prefer to talk with a person before making a purchase. You need to up your data so you can provide the detailed expert guidance customers want.

How to Deliver

How can you equip yourself to provide personalized service, expert advice, and efficient communication? Start with these key technologies:

These are just the start of the advanced agency technology you can leverage to improve service and retain and grow customers. Find out more about Partner Platform’s personalized digital experience and our growing list of tech partnerships and integrations: contact us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6 today.

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