Insurance prospecting can seem like mysterious business. Insurance is something everyone needs, so why aren’t your phones ringing off the hook? You may be using ineffective tools or searching for prospects in the wrong places. Whatever the case, your agency would like to attract more business.

Check out these top posts on insurance prospecting to help you tackle your biggest hurdles.

Six Key Blogs for Insurance Prospecting

  1. How Do Insurance Agents Get Clients? You May Be Surprised

A great starting place for those who feel stuck when it comes to finding new business. Provides a step by step guide to gaining new prospects in almost any situation.

  1. 4 Principles to Gain Insurance Prospects

More helpful tips on gaining prospects, but with a focus on the bigger picture. This post looks at how you can shape your overall agency messaging and practices to attract the right clients to your agency.

  1. Are You Prospecting Right? 5 Questions to Ask

Once you’ve gained leads, the next step is converting them to clients. Do you have a process in place for tracking, follow-up, and other cultivation? Ask your self these five questions to see if your agency is primed for lead conversion.

  1. Becoming A Winning Sales Team

One of our most popular posts, breaking down a winning sales methodology. Written by one of our resident sales experts, this post covers everything from the tools you need to the markets you should tap.

  1. 4 Steps to Better Insurance Customer Relationships

Growing business isn’t just about gaining customers; it’s about keeping them. Our Client Service Manager outlines how to keep these important relationships growing year after year.

  1. Top Agency Reports to Gauge Sales Success

A final factor in sales success is measuring it. Find out how to measure your growth and identify areas for further improvement.

More Tips from Real Agencies

Most of our prospecting insights come right from our Partner XE agencies. In fact, every Partner XE update is inspired by what we hear from agencies in our informal conversations and regular agency workgroup meetings. It’s this practical input that makes our Partner Platform so successful.

You can get tips right from these agency owners – check out their stories on our client stories page. And, to find out more about our integrated client and agency management Partner Platform, contact us at [email protected].

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