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Best Practice #4 – Be Diligent with Data Entry

If you, or any of your coworkers, got hit by a bus tomorrow could business continue on without a hitch? If you use your agency management system correctly, are diligent with data entry and adopt established file naming conventions and procedures across the agency (refer to best practice #3) there is no reason why not.

That leads us to Best Practice #4 in our agency management system best practice series:

Be diligent with Data Entry. Train producers and CSRs to log all necessary information into your agency management system so that anyone who gets a call from a client can log in and have all the information they need at their fingertips.

agency management system best practices - document everything

  • Log ALL conversations and voice mail messages into your system.  (In Partner XE you would do this in the “Notes” section so that it will be permanent record and cannot be deleted.)
  • Utilize the “To-Do Lists” function available within your agency management system to track and record agency workflows and make sure they are consistent across the agency.
  • Log ALL reminders into the system.  If you need to call a client back with some requested info, don’t leave it on a sticky note taped to your monitor, or in a notebook kept on your desk. Put the reminder into the system.  That way if you are out sick  (or walk in front of a wayward bus) the message will get through to whomever is covering for you while you are gone. Once the task is completed, be sure that gets recorded in the system as well.
  • Add ALL client related emails to the agency management system and attach them at the appropriate level of the client folder. Emails from prospects, clients, adjusters, certificate holders, underwriters, etc… should all be stored as permanent records.

If all of these things are done without fail, any user should be able to go into any client folder and know exactly what has happened at any given time and what the next step should be.

Not only will this help with workflow and consistency, it is also important for E&O protection since these records are permanent and cannot be modified or deleted then they will hold up in court.


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