Bluegrass Head ShotWhen Denise Joy joined Elizabethtown, KY-based Bluegrass Insurance Services in 2012, she was excited to be part of a hard-working, fast-growing business. The Bluegrass motto “We’ll do anything” speaks to the level of service and personal attention found in this independent insurance agency.

However, it quickly became clear Bluegrass’ needs were growing, but their insurance management system was not. Denise described the system as “cumbersome,” coupled with out-of-touch support and zero training. Suffice to say it was time for a change. “We realized our agency was growing and we had to get a better solution,” Denise said. “We couldn’t wait any longer.”

Bluegrass LogoSo, Denise and her team reconnected with a provider and system they’d demoed previously: SIS and Partner XE. With SIS and Partner XE, Bluegrass found a partner that listened and a system that evolved with them.

When asked about the switch to Partner XE and SIS, Denise had this to say: “They have people who are willing to help when you reach out, no matter what your need may be. You just can’t beat that level of attentiveness and support.”

We talked with Denise about Bluegrass’ insurance management system transition including touching on:

  • What led them to seek a new management system solution
  • How they researched Partner XE and SIS
  • What stands out in the Partner XE system
  • Where Partner XE benefits their agency most

…and more! Read the full story on our client stories page.

Want to hear more about what Partner XE and SIS? Check out Partner XE’s capabilities, including integrated accounting, mobile access, and our client portal. See a full Partner XE demo by filling out our demo request or contact us at [email protected].

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