high price techStaying up-to-date with the latest technology is important but, as we saw in our last post, can be expensive. As you assess your technology needs, it is helpful to keep in mind the high-cost items your agency needs – be aware of price range and budget accordingly. You may find it is best for your agency to purchase the most expensive tech items outright, or that a monthly payment plan works better. Whichever you chose, plan ahead! Here are some costly tech items to pay attention to:

Cloud Storage/Back-Up

Cloud storage and back-up are becoming the norm for any business dealing with client data. This is one thing you should never skimp on. Look for a provider that has multiple levels of back-ups and a stellar reputation. If there is one place to invest a little extra, it’s here.

eSignature Software

Pen and paper signatures and back and forth faxing are on their way out. The convenience and security of esignatures is winning the day. Although it may be pricier than you’d like, with some at close to $300 a month, investing in an esignature software will bring higher efficiency and productivity. The customer satisfaction boost that is more than worth it.

Employee Hardware

Although you may not be purchasing high cost laptops or smartphones for your employees, the volume of your purchases can be significant. To keep your agency up to date, you need to make sure your staff have access to reliable hardware that is compatible with current technology.  . It’s best for you to purchase the same brand for all employees, and to regularly update.

Online Presence

Your agency must be online, and not just a website! You need a mobile website and social media presence. Many agencies find it beneficial to outsource their website and social media work, which can come at a cost. Your website is your best sales and service resource. Serving as a customer service portal and one of the best ways to track and convert leads, it’s important to have it done well. Your social media presence also serves customers and leads by keeping them updating and directing them to your website. With such a high ROI, it’s worth investing in your online presence.

Agency Management System

This one may seem obvious, but some agencies make the mistake of overpaying for software that they don’t use or skimping and buying one that doesn’t help an agency improve productivity. With the right agency management system, you can get cloud storage, esigning, and elements like mobile access. With so much riding on having a successful system, this is the place to invest the most and require the best.

We at SIS know the importance of keeping up with tech and our Partner XE reflects this commitment. Automatic data back-up, cloud storage, esignature integration and mobile access are just the beginning of our tech updates. To find out more, check out Partner XE’s capabilities or contact us. We’d love to hear from you. Happy tech shopping!

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