Are you intentional about your insurance agency marketing? If you’re sailing by on your current client base and waiting for the phone to ring, you’ll soon be left behind. As one of our clients recently said, the “order-taker” agencies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With most potential customers searching for insurance online, you need to be thoughtful about your agency brand and how to get it found. [SD1] 

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1. Assess who you are and where you are

Your first step is a healthy assessment of your agency’s brand and marketing strategy. Gather your team, survey your customers, and take a look at how you’re seen. From there, think about how you want to be seen and get steps in place to make that happen.

2. Define your brand

Before you can start marketing your agency, you need to have a solid base of who you are as an agency: your brand. Do you have a specialization? Are you known for serving a particular geographic area or type of business? Think about what it is that sets you apart and build your brand around those strengths.

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3. Be visible

Once you know what to show off, get it out there. At a minimum, have an agency website and app. Both these tools are critical to getting your name out there. Add a social media presence only if you can maintain it well. You’ll need to share something once a week at a minimum. Otherwise, your social page will look outdated and reflect poorly on your agency.

Increase your presence with photos and videos showing off your agency personality – staff pictures, images of your community, and other visual aids give visitors a picture of what is most important in the industry: relationships. A blog is an excellent tool to expand on who you are, including highlighting your service and expertise, both of which are critical to bringing in new customers.

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4. Connect with current and potential customers

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Include easily identifiable “contact us” forms on your website and respond quickly to social media and other inquiries.

And create ways to gather potential customer contact information. Have a pop-up asking website visitors to sign up for an email list, request contact information when signing up for an in-person or online event, and collect emails when visitors request a quote or to view expert content. The more ways to can gather contact information, the better.

Once you have that contact information, get it organized in your agency management system or CRM, and reach out. As we said, those who passively wait for customers to reach them are falling behind.

Be active about gaining contacts, too. Ask for referrals from current customers and see if they’re willing to write a positive review on sites like Google, Yelp, and AngiesList to help bring in more business. The more access points and outreach you can muster, the better.

Get the Tools You Need to Make Marketing Easier

The marketing tools of today are less about advertising and more about building a relationship. While price and policy matter, it’s who you are and the expert service you provide that makes the difference.

We know and value building these relationships, which is why we built our Partner Platform system to help agencies improve service with time-saving systems. Our integrated accounting and policy downloads, customer-service tools like integrated VoIP and automatic caller profile pop-up, and targeted sales and marketing systems like our integrated CRM and marketing automation are all designed to automate tedious tasks so agencies can focus on people and service.

Learn more about what these tools can do for your agency, increasing efficiency in time-consuming tasks so you can focus on relationships and service. Get in touch with us here, at [email protected], or by calling us at 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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