update website trendsAs we explored in our last post, website technology and design have continued to evolve and advance over the years. No longer are a few photos and links enough for even an average site – users are now looking for a more innovative design to prove a business’ legitimacy. Just as holding a flip phone is a mark of being behind the times, so is a website without smart phone-equivalent technology.

Yet, just as there seems to be a new version of the iPhone each year, it can be hard to keep up with advances in website design. It is especially difficult to separate passing fads from lasting industry trends. To ensure your agency’s website is up to par and not over the top, we suggest focusing on these design aspects:

    1. 1. Acknowledging devices

If your agency’s website is not adapting for mobile devices, you are behind the curve. To add insult to injury, Google is now penalizing sites that are not mobile responsive. Most CSS website platforms now automatically offer mobile conversion, but if your website was made more than 5 years ago you may need to manually add a mobile version.

    1. 2. Using navigation widgets

The navigation menu is the most used and the most changed aspect of a website. Modern sites now use a variety of widgets to update navigation. One of the most popular is a “sticky navigation”, which stays glued to a section of the screen no matter where the user scrolls or navigates. Adding this to your agency’s website is easy, and will make it a much better experience for visitors who come to your website.

    1. 3. Thinking Outside the Box

No longer are text and image boxes the norm. Modern sites now look to other shapes, namely circles, to convey content. This doesn’t mean corners are out altogether. Irregular polygons and any other non-square shapes can easily bring your agency’s website to modern times.

  1. 4. Integrating Maps

You may have your agency’s location on your website, but do you have it on a map? Just this simple step of integrating maps, specifically Google Maps, to your site steps it up a notch. Google has made adding maps easy and web design sites such as WordPress have a simple drag and drop map integration.  Don’t stop at just adding your agency’s location: add your partners, local supporters, and any other important locations in your area to spruce things up a bit.

Staying up to date and relevant is important not only for your agency’s website, but for all your technology choices. One of the most important tech pieces to stay updated is your agency management system.

We at SIS know the importance of keeping up with the best and most efficient management system practices, which we have put into our latest Partner XE 2015. This version of Partner XE promises a better user experience, enhanced functionality, and more efficient workflow. To find out more about the latest updates, contact us today at [email protected].

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