Small businesses point to accountants as some of the most important professionals for their business. That may be because 60% of small business owners say they don’t know the first thing about finance and accounting. As a small business owner, you can probably relate. Many independent agency owners find themselves in an accounting crash-course when they start or take over their business. How can you beat the odds to get a grasp on your agency’s finances and position yourself for future growth?

The answer is quality insurance accounting software and training. In fact, close to 65% of small business owners make use of accounting software. With the right technology, you can make your agency finances more manageable and even find a way to bring on an expert with the money you save. To get you started, here are some of our best insurance accounting posts.

1. Getting Your Insurance Finances in Order eGuide

More than just a blog post, this eGuide provides a wealth of tips on how to get your agency finances set up right. With a solid base, you’re ready to delve deeper into assessing your weaknesses and opportunities.

2. Integrated Insurance Agency Accounting

As the name implies, this post looks at the benefits of integrating your management and accounting systems. When all your financial data is stored in one place, you’ll be able to improve invoicing, reporting, and agency commission processing, among other procedures.

3. Ask a CPA: Insurance Agency Support for Perpetuation, Mergers & Acquisitions

Passing on, purchasing, or acquiring an independent insurance agency can be confusing and convoluted. We asked our partners at accounting firm Donovan, Sullivan, and Ryan to answer the tough questions.

4. Ask the Experts: Top Financial Questions and Best Accounting Software for Insurance Agents

Before we talked to our accounting experts about perpetuation and M&A, we looked to Donovan, Sullivan, and Ryan CPA and Partner Chris Ryan and our in-house expert, Director of Product Management Bryce Lee, to talk best accounting software for the independent agency. In this post, Chris and Bryce cover common accounting questions, how to face challenges and the best tools to manage accounting in insurance.

5. Five Insurance Agency Accounting Blogs to Add to Your Summer Reading List

We pride ourselves on bringing our readers the best agency accounting information, but we know we can’t contain it all. This post highlights some of our favorite blogs for the latest in insurance accounting and finance.

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