You had a plan this morning. You got your coffee, a good breakfast, got into the office early. You had a plan! Yet, somehow your plan was derailed. You got caught up in the minutia of the day and veered down the road to spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

We’ve all had these days – and they’re bound to happen every once in a while. But, they don’t have to be a daily, weekly, or even monthly occurrence. You can do away with these frustrating time sucks through agency management system automation.

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Time Suck: Tracking down your customer and prospect communication history.

Solution: Email integration

Keeping track of customer and prospect communication is key to building and maintaining those important relationships. Email integration automatically links email communication to constituent profiles, so you can keep a record of correspondence without thinking about it. No more searching around and manually attaching each email in your system. It’s all done for you and kept in one convenient place.

Time Suck: Searching for financial data.

Solution: Integrated accounting

Invoicing, commission matching, financial reporting – these are all potentially time-consuming tasks if your accounting system and management system are separate. Bring them together and voilà! You’re easily shaving hours of searching, copying, and pasting from your month. Integrated accounting not only saves you from entering financial data twice, its reporting features allow you to create a report once and have it run automatically. Schedule it to run daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you wish. Now that’s a real time-saver.

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Time Suck: Updating customer info and fielding requests for documents.

Solution: Client Portal

Imagine if your customers could make updates and pull policy documents on their own. With a client portal, they can! Synching policy information with a secure client portal on your website can save your support team from focusing on small tasks and help them put their energy to bigger ones. Plus, you’re able to provide round the clock service to customers. A real win-win.

Time Suck: Creating, editing, and updating renewals and new proposals.

Solution: Proposal Creator

Creating professional, personalized proposals on your own takes time, concentration, and a bit of creativity. But, the effort is worth it. An easy to read, branded proposal can make the difference between “maybe” and “yes!” for a prospect or customer.

An integrated proposal creator allows you to make comprehensive, professional looking proposals in seconds. Set up templates for new policies, renewals, commercial lines, and policy updates. Then, easily flood information from your management system into the template for a finished product in moments.

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Time Suck: Processing policy documents securely.

Solution: e-Signature integration

Data security is ever prevalent in the news today. As an independent insurance agency, you store critical data for your customers and prospects and need to ensure it stays safe as it moves between you. Many relied on paper and pen signatures to maintain such security, but those days are gone. The push for paperless makes the case for physical contracts even harder to make.

E-signatures leverage the ease of digital while maintaining constituent data safety. E-signing brings together efficiency and security, allowing you and your customers to sign documents electronically and keep data protected. Find out more by reading our recent post on data safety and e-signature integration.

Making the Most of Your Time Saved

You’ll be amazed how these solutions save you and your staff time in your day, week, month, and year. Those hours saved can be put towards high-value items like your marketing strategy, customer care initiatives, and overall process improvements. Freeing up headspace for these areas can make a world of difference.

Are you missing one of these solutions in your agency management system? Find out how you can have them all in one integrated agency management system experience with our Partner XE agency management system. Get the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems: contact an SIS team member at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or sales@sisware.com.

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