Running a successful business requires a great team. And not just the people on the payroll. All members of your community – employees, business partners, service providers, and other connections – impact your efforts in some way. Choosing the right community members has a huge impact on your business.

Your agency management system provider is a part of that community. At SIS we take this role seriously – we’re not just providing our partner agencies with a product, we’re creating an experience. And that experience is partnership.

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The SIS Partnership Credo

We don’t promise a partnership just to sound good. There’s reasoning behind why we want to go beyond installation and implementation. Being in partnership with our agencies helps us serve them better and improve our business. Here are just three of the many reasons why partnership matters to us.

  1. Better Outcomes

The right business partners make it possible to deliver on your commitments to customers in the best possible way. Whether it’s the janitorial company that keeps your offices clean, telephone or internet service, or the provider of key business systems, they make a difference in how you and your staff serve your customers.

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  1. Stronger Relationships

Community members and partners are more than vendors or suppliers. Vendors are transactional. Suppliers are relational. A partnership is based on shared values and mutual commitment. The emphasis is on value rather than cost.

At SIS, Partner is who we are; Community is how we work. As a partner, we realize every one of our insurance agency customers is also in the relationship business. Every customer wants a partner they can trust and depend on to deliver on expectations and commitments.

We have a great team of professionals on staff that deliver on all the core Partner XE capabilities and support for our customers. We also know when to look for partners with key expertise that will enhance our team. We added capabilities like business analytics, text messaging, e-signature and cloud hosting to the Partner XE system through great partners who we knew had the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

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  1. Mutual Growth

As we do with customers, we look for partners that we can work well with and then spend a lot of time building those relationships in a positive way. We want both partner and customer relationships to grow stronger over time and last for many years. Our relationships grow personally as well as professionally, making the overall experience that much better. We remain accountable to our customers for their experience and they know they can count on us to deliver.

Your Role in Partnership

Our Partner XE User Community drives our priorities and product innovation. We work with agency clients every day to make sure they are getting the most from Partner XE. Whether it’s direct interaction or at our Regional Learning Workshops or National User Conference, we strive to connect with our community in a personal way. Every Partner XE update is based on community input and we work with our entire team, staff, and partners, to make it happen.

Having the right partners makes it possible for us to do more, faster and better. We can concentrate on what we do best and plug in partner contributions to enhance and extend our work. This increases the value we can deliver to our partner agencies, which is always appreciated.

We’re in it for the long haul. Are you with us? We want to hear from you. Send us your comments and feedback at https://sispartnerplatform.com/contact-us/. We look forward to hearing from you.

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