SIS recently conducted a perpetuation survey to investigate the process and practices of buying and selling agencies. The results of this survey provided insights on independent insurance agency perpetuation, including:

  • Average perpetuation timeline
  • Most popular perpetuation resources
  • Top purchasing factors
  • Most common preparation processes


One of the most prominent trends was the importance of building and leveraging relationships during the perpetuation process. Whether it’s mentoring a successor or soliciting advice from peers, respondents told us connections are important when acquiring or passing on an agency. Outcomes included:

  • 60% chose a family member as a successor
  • 25% named mentoring a successor as the most challenging aspect of perpetuation
  • 38% look to peers for succession advice


See the full results here

If you’re like most of our survey respondents, you’ve managed your independent insurance agency for over 30 years. Changing something that has been around that long is difficult – but not impossible. Regardless of whether you plan to buy or sell, SIS has compiled tools to start your planning process. Access our resources and get in touch to find out how we’ve designed Partner XE to aid in your transition.

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