As we adjust to a new normal of work from home due to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, we at SIS and Partner Platform are committed to bringing you content to help you connect effectively and safely with digital insurance tactics.

According to Salesforce, 67% of customers believe how a company leverages technology indicates how it operates overall as a business. And, 61% said companies that don’t adapt to tech innovations show they don’t care about their customers. For those who are behind in embracing digital insurance technology, this is not good news.

Adapting to anything new isn’t easy, but it’s now unavoidable for industries worldwide. Digital customer tools are the new expectation, and consumers are demanding more. Do you have the tech and tools to keep up?

What Customers Expect in the Digital Age

A PwC survey entitled “Insurance 2020” hit at the heart of what insurance consumers now expect: quotes and prices delivered on the platform they choose, access to assistance the moment they need it, and to only interact when renewing policies or making a claim. Roughly translated, consumers are looking for:

  1. Customization and choice
  2. Immediate and effective service
  3. Always-on service and limited interaction time

Let’s take a look at each and how your agency can meet these new expectations.

1. Customization and choice

Consumers are looking for a personalized experience, informed by the data you have on their past interactions. Salesforce found 69% of customers expect a “connected experience,” meaning their preferences are known and applied across multiple touchpoints. Your clients want you to connect with them via their preferred platform to deliver content and offers crafted just for them.

Solutions: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, marketing automation, integrated systems (texting, email, chats fed into one system), data analysis

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2. Immediate and effective service

Other Salesforce research found 64% of consumers expect business to respond to them “in real-time.” That means service interactions need to go from hours to minutes or quicker. With so many ways to consume information quickly, customers are programmed to want their issues acknowledged the moment they reach out.

Solutions: A.I and chatbots, integrated texting, client self-service portals, marketing automation managers, CRMs

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3. Always-on service and limited interaction time

People are busy! Clients and prospects simply don’t have time to get on the phone or visit your office during business hours. With work, school, childcare, and other activities, it’s a wonder they had time to buy insurance at all. In fact, according to an American Express survey, more than 60% of Americans prefer to solve “basic customer service issues” via a self-service portal or app rather than by talking to someone.

With little time to get in touch, customers are looking for ways to get their questions answered and solutions processed anytime, anywhere. Provide them with ways to talk to you virtually and send and sign relevant documents online.

Solutions: Client self-service portals, agency-branded mobile app, paperless processing, esignature integration

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Going Above and Beyond with Partner Platform

A final element all customers expect is integrity. That means giving clients tools to gain the results they need and continuing to work day by day to deliver better service.

That’s our goal on the Partner Platform team. Thanks to our feedback-oriented agency culture and industry partners, we’re able to stay on top of customer expectations and develop tools that meet agency needs today and tomorrow.

Find out more about our innovative Partner Platform digital agency management system experience and what our agencies have to say about working with us: get in touch at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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