We’re almost a month into the new year – how are you doing with your resolutions? If you’re like most people, some have stuck and others have fallen to the wayside. One resolution you need to keep is upgrading your insurance software. The digital “trend” is no longer a trend, but a must. And your agency needs to get on board to keep up.

A Salesforce.com survey showed 67% of customers said their expectations are higher than ever…and 51% said companies fail to meet those expectations. Whether it’s cost, time, or a fear of change that’s holding you back, it’s time to throw off the excuses and kick your agency into gear to meet these growing expectations. Start with these top five insurance software systems to get back in the game.

1. Comparative Rater

Your prospects and customers are already price shopping. Meet their expectations with a comparative rater, instantly giving you the best price for the coverage they need.

2. Proposal Creator with eSignature

Integrated proposal creators with esignature capabilities provide a seamless quote experience for your constituents. Combined with comparative raters, proposal creators can quickly create multiple offers and, along with eSignature, can cut processing time from days to hours.

3. eDocuments and Paperless Processing

The days of cabinets full of paper files are over. Going paperless saves money, speeds up processes, and frees up physical and mental space once devoted to managing paper. Esignature, fillable PDFs, and integrated eDoc systems can bring you into the Insurtech age.

4. Email and Texting Integration

Studies have shown that over 90% of people access their email at least once a day, and texting has an almost 100% open rate. Stats like these show both email and texting are reliable methods to connect with customers and prospects. With an integrated email and texting system, every message sent is saved, building a complete constituent profile, and improving E&O.

5. Mobile App

Globally, more people own a smartphone than a toothbrush. Yet, woefully few independent insurance agencies have a smartphone mobile app for their customers. A branded app can be leveraged to communicate directly with clients via push notifications and serves as a customer self-service tool to make payments, ask questions, get digital ID cards, and submit and check on claims.

Fulfill Your Tech Resolutions in One Place with Partner Platform

There are many great providers out there, but only one integrated management system suite that covers all these must-have technologies: Partner Platform from Strategic Insurance Software (SIS). Our intuitive, comprehensive management system suite covers all your agency needs for streamlined agency management, robust sales and marketing systems, and a complete, personalized digital experience.

Discover more about the Partner Platform agency management experience: view a demo and request more information here.

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