As a new year begins, so do the resolutions. One popular goal is to stay connected – keeping in touch with the family and friends that flooded lives during the holiday season. However, like most resolutions, maintaining communications with others is easier said than done.

Using Communication Tools

Today’s tech can make it easier to stay in touch than ever. This is especially true for you and your agency. Staying in touch with your various agency partners can become second nature with a few simple communication tools that work with your management system. Consider adding these to your agency management system best practices:

  • Mobile app
  • Email integration
  • Texting
  • Commercial and personal lines downloads

Each of these tools can sync with your system, connecting you with customers, prospects, and carriers for more effective and efficient communication.

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Keeping and Gaining Customers

Texting, mobile apps, and email integration are integral pieces for serving and growing your customer base. With mobile apps, customers can send and receive photos of damaged items, access mobile ID cards, and make policy updates among other conveniences. The ability to send and receive such information quickly gives your customers peace of mind and shows their time is valued.

Email integration allows you to effortlessly capture communications with both customers and prospects in your management system. You can attach and download documents within your management system and keep email threads right in an individual’s profile. Saving this relevant information in one location makes it easier to follow-up, building and maintaining a good relationship with both clients and prospects alike.

Texting benefits current customers and is highly effective in gaining new business. Texts are answered quickly and can provide prospects on the edge with the vital information they need to make a decision. In our fast-paced society, those quick responses to policy questions make the difference between closing and losing a deal.

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Connecting with Carriers

Staying in touch with your carriers is important for maintaining up-to-date policy information. Your CSRs especially need to stay connected to address and update information, resulting in dozens of phone calls a week.

Commercial and person lines downloads can eliminate the need for phone calls, yet maintain quality communication about policy updates and changes. Downloads sync automatically, transmitting information right into your management system. And your agency can send info right back, keeping carriers informed of cancellations, reinstatements, claims, and other relevant information.

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Partnering for Communication Success

Each of these communications tools can be a game-changer for your agency…if you know how to use them. Part of improving your operations is learning how to use your agency management systems to its maximum efficiency.

This is where your management system provider comes in. At SIS, we know our client communication plays a critical role in their ability to use our Partner XE system to its fullest. We are committed to being there for our clients through in-person trainings, quick email responses, online support, and direct connection with a real person to address customer needs.

To find out more about SIS and how we serve our customers, read our customer stories or contact us at [email protected].

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