That’s a Wrap! SIS President Reflects on Nine-State Regional Learnings Tour

That’s a Wrap! SIS President Reflects on Nine-State Regional Learnings Tour

As we head into summer, the Partner XE team is back in our Columbus headquarters wrapping up a nine-state Regional Learnings tour over the past few months. We’re grateful for the turnout and collaboration with the Partner XE User Community in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio and look forward to visiting even more regions in the Fall.


InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system

InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system


InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system
— Users of Strategic Insurance Software’s system can now simplify life and improve efficiency with the seamless use of InsureSign’s easy e-signature software — 

CHARLESTON, S.C. (APRIL 19, 2018) — Starting this month, Strategic Insurance Software’s (SIS) Partner XE users can begin easily and seamlessly securing signatures.

InsureSign, the e-sign tool trusted by tens of thousands of insurance professionals, today announced the launch of its integration with the Partner XE agency management system.

“Both SIS and InsureSign align on our missions to make the lives of insurance professionals easier, saving them time and eliminating common hassles,” said Joe Floyd, founder and CEO of InsureSign. “For SIS customers already used to Partner XE’S life-simplifying features, we’re proud to offer an additional tool for improving processes and servicing business even faster.”

The integration’s debut is part of a larger rollout by SIS of its new Partner XE 2018.2 this month.

“It’s important to us to build alliances and identify resources for our users that improve their work processes,” said Bryce Lee, director of product management for SIS. “We’re committed to continually look for ways to make our users’ lives easier. Through this integration, agents can now eliminate unnecessary steps and time-draining manual processes through easy-to-use solutions.”

Partner XE users can service insureds by securing signatures the fastest and easiest way possible via InsureSIgn. Not only do InsureSign users enjoy unlimited signatures, documents and templates each month, they can also enjoy the benefits of audit trails, auto reminders, auto archival, company branding and more.

InsureSign also offers three new premium features to “InsureSign Pro” users, including signing via text message, Gmail/Outlook integrations and custom landing pages.

About SIS
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is the team behind Partner XE, an innovative web-based insurance agency management system helping independent agents break free from the status quo.  Partner XE is easy to use, streamlines workflows and enables agencies to run their business more affordably and effectively. Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. For more information, please visit .

About Partner XE

Supporting downloads from over 360 carriers, real-time interaction, integrated agency accounting, and much more, Partner XE is a full-featured agency management system at an affordable cost for the independent insurance agency.


InsureSign is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to get documents signed electronically. Trusted by thousands of businesses of all sizes across North America, InsureSign lets your customers easily sign your documents from their laptops, tablets and mobile devices – and even via text message. Curious future customers can try InsureSign free for 14 days at

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Angela D’Amario

Insurance Industry Groups to Join and Why

Insurance Industry Groups to Join and Why

I’m always keeping a pulse on insurance industry resources. It’s part of my daily routine: a cup of coffee and my favorite blogs, twitter handles, or podcasts help me stay in the know on what’s happening in the independent insurance universe.

Though these online resources are great, it’s even better when I can get together with other industry professionals to exchange ideas and encourage progress. With industry groups, I get daily updates and in-person meetings through conferences and other events.

We at SIS participate in many influential industry groups. Below are a few of our “must joins” for those looking to stay connected in insurance.

Get online industry resources to add to your daily routine

The Partner XE User Community

The Partner XE User Community is made up of all our Partner XE users. One of the main goals of this community is to shape the future of the Partner XE management system. In this user community, agents can access the product roadmap and understand what SIS has planned for upcoming releases.

Agencies can also communicate what they’d like to see changed or improved in the Partner XE system. Improvements could be a change in workflow, an additional feature or enhancement to an existing feature, or an integration with a third-party product their agency is using or would like to use.

The Partner XE Community also has an active User Board made up of nine agencies from across the United States. Board member are great contacts for Partner XE users to voice their ideas for improvements or about questions regarding how to maximize system use.

Access tips on how to maximize your agency management system 

Agents Council for Technology (ACT)

Led by Executive Director Ron Berg, Agents Council for Technology (ACT) is an essential group for agents to keep up with technological advancements, and their risks, in the industry. ACT has several simultaneous workgroups running focused on disaster planning for agency owners, security best practices, changing nature of risk, new technologies, and much more.

The organization also holds in-person meetings throughout the year, usually tied to a Solution Providers User Group conference. The ACT group is made up of agents, solutions providers (i.e. agency management systems, esignature companies, and VOIP), carrier representatives and industry influencers.

Read about other resources to improve your operations

Associations and User Groups Information Exchange (AUGIE)

The Associations and User Group Information Exchange (AUGIE) was created to “bring together industry leaders and create a focus on insurance industry efforts”, with a specific attention to independent agents and brokers. AUGIE brings together carriers, agents, and management system providers to create a hub for innovation and improvement.

AUGIE always has an eye on market changes. It prioritizes a few key areas, including eDocs and Messages Download, claims download, and commercial lines download. Partner agents can attend bi-annual meetings and participate in workgroups focused on technology and interactions with insurance carriers. It’s a great organization for agencies looking to maximize technologies available in the industry.

SIS as an Industry Leader

No man is an island: nor should any insurance industry service provider operate alone! We at SIS are highly involved with the above industry groups, including sponsoring and actively participating in AUGIE’s Advisory Board since 1995. We feel it’s important to interface regularly with other industry players; it helps us stay hungry and independent.

Check out our full list of industry partners on our Industry Partners page. Want to learn more about how we connect and collaborate for continual improvements? Contact us at or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

Insurance Industry Resources: 10 Surprising Industry Facts

Insurance Industry Resources: 10 Surprising Industry Facts

The holiday season is a mix of looking back and looking forward: being thankful for what has been and looking ahead to what will be. We combed through our independent insurance agency resources to uncover a bit of both.

Dive into more industry resources with our Top 5 Blogs to Follow

We came up with was a few interesting facts about working in insurance, many of which showed off the prowess of the industry. We also looked at current trends and how they can predict what’s ahead in 2018 and beyond. Check out our lists below!

Why Insurance is Here to Stay

  1. Ranked as the largest market globally on a premium-dollar basis, the US insurance industry has one of the highest growth potentials¹
  2. Total US industry premiums were a whopping $1.1 trillion in 2016 (53% life/health and 47% property/casualty), according to S&P Global Market Intelligence²
  3. In 2016, there were nearly 6,000 insurance companies in the United States, with approximately 2,500 devoted to property/casualty, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners²
  4. 6 million people were employed by the US insurance industry in 2016, according to the US Department of Labor²
  5. The industry totaled $157 billion in revenue so far in 2017, with a steady annual growth rate of 3.7%³

Check out where we go for industry news and updates with 6 Industry Sites to Add to Your Daily Routine

What to Watch For in 2018 and Beyond

  1. Reach for creativity and innovation! 67% of respondents to a PwC survey cited these elements as “very important” to their agency success⁴
  2. Thanks to crash avoidance technology, auto claims could be reduced by as much as 12% by 2034⁵
  3. However, advanced tech will lead to higher vehicle repair costs: the average cost of repairs jumped up 3.8% in 2016 and continues to rise⁵
  4. Insured customers value self-service options, according to a recent CallVU report showing 80% of Baby Boomers and Generation Xers preferred accessing and updating their policies online⁶
  5. But don’t go all digital yet. 57% of respondents to the same survey said they preferred personalized face-to-face interactions or phone calls⁶

How to Move Forward

What do these stats mean for your agency? Now is a good time to take solace in the industry’s staying power and make some changes to help you and your customers reap the benefits. Check out some of our eGuides to help map out changes in your agency. Remember to take one step at a time, using small movements to make big changes.

And, take a look at some of the latest Partner XE extensions: the Partner XE Client Portal and Partner XE Proposal Creator. Both were designed to help agencies and customers harness the power of the digital age while keeping the important customer/agency connection that makes independent insurance so great.

To find out more about Partner XE, including viewing a demo of the system, contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or