“Set it, and forget it!”

This slogan became the catch phrase for “As Seen on TV” guru Ron Popeil’s Ronco electric oven. The phrase tapped into the customer’s common need: more time. It provided the ability to multitask, without the burden of actually thinking about two things at one time. It set the stage for our modern-day surge in automation.

Such automated systems and processes are an essential part of your agency management system best practices. If it can be automated, it should. Self-operating systems take fewer resources, saving money and time. And, they free up space for “back burner” projects like tackling prospecting and marketing initiatives, which eventually lead to a larger bottom line.

When it comes to automation, your agency needs to invest in these essential pieces.

Carrier Downloads

Whether its commercial, personal, or both, setting up carrier downloads is a must. Carrier downloads promise up-to-date policy information and client records 24/7. No more calling carriers multiple times a day, tying up lines and sucking productivity. This streamlines system allows staff to focus on more important things, like your customers.

Find out how to get started with carrier downloads here

Email Integration

Integrating your agency management system with your email system allows you to automate prospect and client tracking. With email integration, every email you send is linked to a client or prospect profile automatically. You’ll never forget to tag this important piece of relationship-building information again.

Integrated Accounting

Similar to email integration, integrated accounting within your management system saves you from forgetting essential steps. With integrated accounting, you only need to enter financial information once. And, your system can automatically create reports based on what you’re already recording in your system. The effects on your business are dramatic.

Customer Portals

The automation effects of customer portals may not seem obvious, but giving clients access to their policy information is a real time-saver. Synching your policy information with a secure customer portal on your website can help you automate things like policy inquiries, address changes, and claims filing.

Defined Workflows

To benefit these time-saving elements, all the above pieces must be part of your agency workflows. Once you know the functionality of each automated system, it can only do its job if it’s integrated into your agency’s current systems and processes. Make an effort to define your systems and make automation a part of them.

Learn more about updating and improving agency processes here

As you look into these automation wonders, check in with your management system provider to ensure they can integrate these elements. If your system isn’t able to add these technologies, you’ll be back at square one.

Look for a system like SIS’s Partner XE, which is built to grow with your agency, through semi-annual updates based on client needs. We focus on training, too, ensuring our enhancements are not just “bells and whistles” that no one knows how to use.

To find out more, contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or [email protected].

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