Whether or not you like, know, or even understand digital insurance services, it’s clear independent agencies need to embrace them. A recent CB Insights look at tech in insurance showed insurance technology startups raised $1.7 billion in 2016. That’s no small potatoes.

Such high investment in companies producing digital insurance tools signals a need for insurers to keep up or get left behind. But, it can be hard to tell which digital tools are worth the investment. We put together a quick list of some top tools to keep your agency in the game.

Mobile Access

Mobile access to your agency website and management system benefit both customers and employees alike. Agents can use mobile to look up and update prospect and customer info on the road. Customers use mobile to make claims onsite and look up their policy information 24/7.

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Client Portals

Similar to mobile, client portals give customers greater access to their personal and policy information and make it easier for agencies to process customer requests. Client portals exist on your website and feed into your agency management system, capturing customer information instantly.

Comparative Raters

This online tool quickly compares carrier rates, helping you give your customers the best price, fast. Many raters integrate with management systems, making them even easier to use.

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Paperless workflows

You’ve heard it again and again. Paperless workflows not only speed up agency processes, but they make things easier for customers and prospects. Talk about a win-win. Your agency can go paperless with underwriting, eSignatures, and document scanning and storage.

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Secure Servers

The more your agency digitizes, the more vulnerable you become to cyber-attacks. As you add more tech-based tools, keep your agency data safe with secure servers. Servers should be off-site, contain complex data encryption, and have redundant back-ups.

Too often agencies shy away from tech, mistakenly believing it will remove the human connection that makes independent insurance so unique. At SIS, we strive to seek that balance – working with our clients to make our Partner XE agency management system the most advanced tool to support their independence.

Find out how SIS and Partner XE can enhance your agency service. Contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or [email protected].

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