The savvy small business is owner is always working to improve operations. Whether it’s boosting customer retention, reducing process time, or another small move that makes a big difference, the biggest hitch is coming up with that “new and improved” method. Where can you go to get inspired?

One of the best ways to gain new business perspectives is to talk with other professions. And the best place to connect is online. Insurance agency websites, blogs, and other online resources instantly connect you with countless industry professionals. Below is a list of the reliable, up-to-date, and relevant online agencies resources to help infuse your agency with inspiration.

Top Independent Insurance Agency Websites

Check out these top independent insurance agency websites and bookmark each for future use:

Agent Council for Technology (ACT)
This open forum group offers targeted content on industry tech. Through podcasts, webinars, and other online mediums, ACT addresses workflow issues facing independent agencies. Check out their site for info on marketing, cyber security, customer experience, and other relevant technology-focused topics.

Property Casualty 360
From the experts at the National Underwriter Professional Network this news resource targets buyers and sellers in property and casualty insurance markets. P&C 360 relies on market data and industry trends to drive their content. Topics include compliance and legal updates, continuing education opportunities, and industry news.

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Insurance Journal
Insurance Journal is one site with multiple information streams: blogs, videos, podcasts, and newsletters among other resources. The site covers breaking industry news and provides award-winning commentary on insurance market trends.

Recommended Agency Blogs

Another great resource is agent and agency blogs. Some notable industry blogs include:

A long-time industry thought leader, Anderson has been a licensed independent agent for 30 years. He provides engaging, insightful information on technology trends to improve operations and boost an agency’s bottom line. Through frequent posts, podcasts and his Steve Anderson’s TechTips newsletter, Anderson speaks directly to agency needs.

Brent Kelly is a speaker, trainer, and coach with 15 years’ experience in the insurance industry. His blog focuses on topics to engage agencies in leadership, communication, and growth. He is a frequent contributor to Property Casualty 360 and other well-respected industry publications.

Check out some of SIS’s online resources

The SIS Blog
We may be biased, but we work hard to ensure we’re up to date on industry trends and provide engaging content for independent insurance agencies. Our posts, eGuides, and other resources come from conversations with our clients, ensuring we’re hitting what matters to agencies From cyber security to customer engagement, we make an efforts to provide variety, clarity, and relevance.

What did we miss?

This list only scratches the surface on valuable online agency resources. Let us know what we missed! Contact us to share your favorite sites. We’ll update our list as it grows through your suggestions.

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