We’ve worked with over a thousand agencies in the past ten years, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that no two independent agencies are the same. That’s why we tailor the SIS Partner Platform experience for each client, getting to know their specific needs, and crafting a Platform to serve them and their customers in the best way possible.

Through the years, we’ve heard from many of our Partner agencies about their SIS Partner Platform experience. Here are a few of our most recent responses from those in the Partner Platform family.


“SIS Gave Us What We Needed”

  • (SIS)…actually implement(s) changes to serve specific agency needs. (They are) nimble and flexible enough to meet your unique agency needs and to connect with you and your agents on a personal level. I don’t think there are many other agencies that can do that to the extent SIS does. – Andrew Thayer, Batchelder Brothers Insurance
  • (The system is) so user-friendly. The enhanced reporting features are…vital to us, which was something we had asked for. We are also looking forward to (using) the new CRM system, which will enable us to better manage our assets and benchmark, as opposed to using third-party software. There are so many things Partner XE has helped us do better. – Phil Richard, Phil Richard Insurance
  • …SIS takes our suggestions seriously. With each upgrade to our system, we have seen past recommendations incorporated. – Kirk Haldeman, Pinnacle Group

“SIS Hears Us and Helps Us!”

  • (M)y team was anxious when it came time to move systems (to Partner Platform) but having a point of contact and actually getting them on the phone when I called made the difference. Customer Service was unheard of when we were using our other system…From the top down, the people at SIS were always honest and always available. – Dan Mercure, Mercure Insurance Agency
  • One word: Service. No other provider out there can compare with SIS. With SIS, you can develop personal relationships. We have gone to a number of workshops now and have gotten to meet so many people face to face. We know the people at SIS and they know us. – Kirk Haldeman, Pinnacle Group
  • The flexibility and personalized service from Partner’s team from the very beginning was outstanding. Our agency had some unique needs at the time, and the fact that Partner took the time to help fulfill those needs was impressive. – Pam Thompson, Turbeville Insurance Agency

“Partner Platform Helps Us Do More, Better”

  • During the (Partner Platform) demo, our entire staff was shown the various capabilities. One of my CSRs applauded when he saw the Outlook integration capability, it was the answer he had been looking for…(as it) provides a quick, easy way to capture and store all client inbound and outbound communications, reducing the number of clicks drastically compared to (our) legacy system. – Brad Smith, Smith Berclair Insurance
  • The ease of use with Partner (Platform) and that we can scan documents and immediately incorporate them to the right client files stands out. Anything that we print is automatically put into the correct place. If we need to look up an ID card that was sent out, as soon as we hit that print function, it is automatically stored in the correct client’s file. We don’t have to think about it, it just occurs. – Kirk Haldeman, Pinnacle Group
  • We use the accounting and reporting features, as well as the search capabilities that enable you to pull reports. Certificates of insurance are also something we do a lot. The client portal and cross-referencing features are extremely helpful to our staff, as well as the scanning features. The ease with which we can scan documents and drop them into the appropriate folder is fantastic. – Phil Richard, Phil Richard Insurance
  • Accounting is also much easier with (Partner Platform). (The) accounting program gives access to multiple reports, links together very well, and makes monthly financial reports easy…Overall, we found that within 3-4 months we were comfortable with using Partner (Platform). In contrast, it took us almost three years to feel somewhat familiar with our previous system. – John Britton, Insurance Shop Inc.

See for Yourself What Partner Platform Agencies Already Know

We’re proud of this feedback from our Partner agencies, and it’s what energizes us to continue to improve the Partner Platform system. In this past year alone, we’ve introduced our latest customer engagement tool in Partner Connect, equipped agents for sales with our Proposal Creator and Producer Results Manager, and streamlined agency sales and marketing with our Marketing Automation Manager.

Each of these enhancements came straight from our Partner agencies. See what SIS and the Partner Platform community can offer your agency – contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 to view a demo today.

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