If you’re a commercial insurance agency, chances are you need better insurance software. A recent Deloitte study found commercial insurance “has lagged (behind) personal lines development considerably” over the last years. Personal lines-heavy insurers seem to invest more in technology than their commercial lines counterparts, despite the volume of data commercial agencies process.

As you look to make your commercial insurance agency competitive, consider these capabilities to add to your insurance systems. 

Get the details on how the Partner Platform system supports both commercial and personal agencies

1. Mass Certificate Management

The more certificates you can manage at a time, the better. Look for a system with the ability to batch hundreds of certificates for email and import.

2. Enhanced document management

Commercial agencies face an almost overwhelming amount of documentation daily. Get document management with ample storage, intuitive drag-and-drop, and folder customization to make it easy for your team to find what they need.

3. Email integration

Like document management, an integrated email system is essential to managing the mass of information a commercial agency receives each day. Get a system that automatically attaches emails to client and prospect folders, so nothing gets lost.

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4. Commercial Lines Download

Commercial Lines Download is essential for commercial agency success. Get a system that makes it easy to sync downloads efficiently and effectively.

5. Custom workflow and other personalization

Each agency and each agent do things differently. Find a system with customizations to help your team get into a flow to quickly process information.

6. Quality conversion experience

Though not a concrete capability, look for a quality data conversion experience from whatever system you use. Look for a provider that gives hands-on attention and answers questions like, “Do all my current policy coverages, limits, deductibles and policy details convert automatically?” and “Do all my current certificate templates and all prior certificates convert?”. You want a seamless transition with the least amount of manual work possible.

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What Partner Platform Can Offer Your Commercial Agency

The Partner Platform agency management system suite is designed to meet all the growing needs of the commercial agency. With email and texting integration, mass certificate management, optimized and customizable document management, and more, the Partner Platform system and team are poised to serve commercial agencies and their customers with the highest quality service. Hear from our Partner agencies about their experience – check out our Client Stories page or get in touch to hear from us directly at sales@sisware.com or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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