With so many options and diverse needs, it can be challenging to determine how to choose the best agency management system for your agency. Are you looking for ease of use? Quality training? Integrated systems? Robust marketing? Is it possible to find a system that meets all your varying agency needs?

Chances are, there is a right system out there for your agency – if you know how to look for it. Narrow your options by starting with the base “must-haves” for any management system.

Your Management Systems Musts

  1. Customization. Find a system with the ability to create custom workflows, personalized dashboards, and agency-unique data fields.
  2. Ability to upgrade. Tech moves fast, and you want your management system to be malleable enough to keep up. Find a system with update-able tech.
  3. Cloud-based. You don’t want access tied to one physical location – give your team flexibility with cloud-based access.
  4. Security. The data you store in your management systems is valuable, and you want it to stay protected with top-of-the-line, disaster-proof storage.
  5. Quality training. A great management system is only as good as your ability to use it – look for a system that comes with personalized training and always-accessible refresher guides.

Beyond these base elements, there are a few standard additional capabilities your agency may need to fit your unique service.

Best Management System Capabilities to Improve Service

  1. Integrated website. You need a quality website to stay competitive in today’s market and should have it integrated with your management system to streamline service.
  2. Client Portal. Self-service client portals are becoming a must-have across industries, including the insurance market. Give your customers the best tools with an integrated client portal to access and update their policy information.
  3. Integrated accounting. Save time, speed up processes, and improve fiscal decision-making with all your accounting data in one place.
  4.  Email integration. Use integrated email to send messages right from your management system and automatically attach all incoming and outgoing messages to each constituent profile, streamlining processes and improving E & O coverage.
  5. Texting integration. Texting is a common communication tool among your customers – leverage it to send and receive critical coverage information and keep prospects and customers updated on agency news.
  6. CRM and Marketing Automation. These essential prospecting tools can help you gain and leverage vital data, empowering you to improve sales and marketing and grow your agency.

Find What You Need with Partner Platform

Our Partner Platform agency management suite starts with the basics in access, security, and customization and offers all the essential integrations to serve your agency’s unique needs. Our dedicated team works with each Partner Platform agency to provide in-depth, personalized training and a host of always-accessible resources to keep agencies informed.

Let us bring you the tools to achieve exceptional customer experiences, win more business, and grow your agency in the long term. Get in touch at [email protected],  800.747.7005, Option 6, or fill out a simple contact form here to find out more.

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