Innovation is key to longevity in any industry, and the insurance industry is no different. Insurance revolves around people and relationships, making it an inherently dynamic field.

Digital insurance demands seem to change by the day to keep up with evolving customer and agency needs. That’s why we at Partner Platform partner with various tech partners to stay up to date with changing conditions. We as an organization can only be experts in so many areas, so we recognize the need to partner with outside specialists to fill our gaps.

We work with industry groups and tech companies to cover areas like digital document processing and cyber security, among others. Below are a few of our recent posts highlighting these valuable tech partnerships.

Our Digital Insurance Partner Posts

  1. Remote Work and Agency Cyber Security: During the COVID-19 lockdowns, all our agencies and their customers needed to move to remote work rapidly. We leaned on our tech partnership with Archway Computer and the workflow expertise of consultant Mary Belka to equip our Partner Platform agencies – fast. In this post, we recap an impactful webinar focused on how to keep agency data safe during remote work and best practices for external and internal communications during that time.
  1. Top Tech Industry Groups: One of the best ways to stay up to date on what’s happening in digital insurance is through joining and participating in relevant industry groups. Partner Platform and SIS have been involved with leading groups like the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) and The Associations and User Group Information Exchange (AUGIE) for years to stay on top of what’s happening in insurance tech.  
  1. Business Insights Partner Exago BI: The value of data and analytics has skyrocketed over the past few years, causing the Partner Platform team to seek a business insights partner to help our agencies stay well-equipped. Exago BI offers both canned and custom reporting for our agencies, allowing them to gain, manipulate, and analyze agency data easily.
  1. Encrypted Email and eSignature Partner RPost: We’ve worked with digital document processing partner RPost for years, giving our Partner Platform agencies access to seamless and secure document sending, signing, and processing. What began as a HIPPA-compliant secure email service has grown into a fully digital, encrypted document processing system.
  1. IT and Cyber Security Partner Archway Computer: Our partnership with Archway Computing is one of our longest and most valuable. The IT professionals at Archway have specialized in helping insurance agencies install, run, and update essential software for decades. The cyber security services Archway provides for our Partner Platform agencies are invaluable.
  1. VoIP Partner Lightspeed Voice: One of our most recent partnerships is Lightspeed Voice, a VoIP provider that seamlessly integrates with our Partner Platform agency management system. Lightspeed brings a live switchboard, call recording, and real-time performance metrics, among other benefits.
  1. Marketing Partner BlueJay Reviews: Online reputations are extremely important to any business or organization today. Every agency has an online reputation, regardless of whether they investigate or manage it. Our partner BlueJay Reviews focuses on online reputation management and makes it easy for our Partner Platform agencies to solicit and manage their online reviews, bolstering their reputation.  

Find Out More About Our Tech Partnerships

These partners have been invaluable as we strive to improve our Partner Platform agency management suite every day. Especially during the COVID-19 lockdowns, we relied heavily on these partners to help us quickly adapt and provide secure, remote access for our agencies and their customers alike.

Find out more about our partnerships on our Partner Allies and Tech Partnerships page. And, as always, you can get in touch with us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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